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Lan Bui

Cool. I like 16x9!

Carl Weaver

Wow. You were all up in my grill, Steve. Thanks for the info.

Michael Meiser

Howdy Steve, Vlog Soup has been kicking so much *ss recently.

P.S. I discovered WestAcre just about the same time as you. Also... another one you should check out is jakeandamir.com.

I've been trying to gather together as many sitcoms as I can at


Michael Meiser

Heh, I haven't asked frank about this, but I was wondering if you'd mind if we featured vlogsoup on the homepage of mefeedia.com. I think it makes a great intro to videoblogging.

Not 100% sure it would work, but 99% sure. We've been meaning to do a show of our own, but I don't think we're ever going to have time and you do it so well.

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