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great episode Steve.


As usual bring the best of us to the rest of us!


As usual.


Is Vlog Soup dead? Last post two months ago. Hmm...

Xavi Muñoz

Hi Steve,

I am from Barcelona (spain) and I follow all you make it for the videoblogging and now I decided you explain the next even of spanish community videobloggers:

VIMOZ is that, an informal meeting of videobloggers. There are several at the same time and in several cities. If it interests the subject to you, they see and we will learn together to publish and to publish videos in blog. He is next the 17 of May, Day of Internet. If you want to come to anyone from these meetings, even the one of China, you do not have more to indicate it in the WIKI. In order to publish you need this password: vimoz2007. This event is gratuitous and colaborativo. One leans in the community of VIDEOBLOGGERS IN SPANISH. If it interests videoblogging to you, if you are to blogger and you want to learn to make video, if you are a peculiar one of the subject and want to see us, in short, we hoped to you. Also it is thanked for to spread the news! TV, VideoBlog or another word, what we do? * That we consider to do good videoblog? * Videoblog, ahead or behind the camera? * youtube * creative commons,… is subjects that we can debate… Here also you have detailed information of which one is going away to do in each place. In VIMOZ or direct! , if, if, in direct, through streaming and by means of this PANEL of simultaneidad with connections to different cities. Beam click in each city to see complete screen.

Thanks for spend your time on read it and sorry for my bad English.

best regards !!


Thanks Steve! Developing a comedy myself, and good to see samples from some brave souls who have gone before me. :)

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