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C.C. Chapman

Fun as always. I especially liked "God's Office." Will have to check that one out.


Oooops... is it better to comment here?
Ignore my other one if so :)

Those speech notes were really interesting. I would love to see some of Bush's to compare. Oh hang on, I don't think he's allowed to adlib is he? ;)

Not sure about 'box in a box' as I thought 'boobs in a box' was better. It looks as though 'box in a box' actually had more to do with 'boobs' than the actual joke ;)

jay dedman

hey...nice boobs!!!
i hope we see more and more video out of places like India.

Francis Stokes

Hey Steve - Thanks so much for featuring "God, Inc!" And alongside such a fascinating collection of projects. I'll be sure to check them out. Vlog Soup is great. Cheers!


I find it EXTREMELY VULAGAR and with such great distaste that people, who have no knowledge of politics, not any concern for the future of their heritage, could be so distasteful with there actions and words. It is such a shame that we as Americans have and show such lack of respect not only for ourselves but also for each other, we have become such a nation with little concern for our families, and some of us seem to care only about what "we wear and how we look". What ever happened to the deep foundation of the family and the heart of American--It seems that we AS AMERICANS can bearly even KEEP our OWN CHRISTIAN VALUES BECAUSE WE ARE SO BUSY CATERING TO EVERYONE ELSES RELIGIONS EXCEPT "OUR OWN" THIS COUNTRY AND I REPEAT WAS AND IS FOUNDED ON THE BELIEF OF GOD!!!!!!!!!! AND IT SEEMS THAT THE POLITICAL PEOPLE IN CHARGE, ARE TRYING TO FORGET THIS!!!!!! And Guess what as long as we stay silent, well, then they gett all the money that they deserve, and we just keep giving it!! And that just says, How stupid are we???

When are we ready for a change, I don't know about you, I sure am and I am counting the days!!! Yeaahhh Nancy Polasi--First Woman Speaker of the House--I am hoping and knowing that she will shake things up and make changes happen!!

steve garfield

Ever heard about separation of church and state?


"Separation of church and state is the only principle that can ensure religious and philosophical freedom for all Americans. Church-state separation does not mean hostility toward religion. Rather, it means that the government will remain neutral on religious questions, leaving decisions about God, faith and house of worship attendance in the hands of its citizens."



Juan Falla

As always, intersting and cool selection of vlogs. I liked God Inc specially. And the last music video, fun. FUN!

See ya!


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