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Great, unusual, interactive vlog soup! Steve you're a maniac (in a good way)! Thanks for the shout out and the help today with my feed crisis.


I liked this one. A good vid to end my day with.

steve Garfield

Thanks! This was a fun one to do.


Jajajaaa (I'm laughin A LOT!!!!)
Steve, this was HILARIOUS!!!!!!!

We should make a band!!!!!!

steve Garfield

Hey Juan,
Yeah. Let's make a band. We can be the Lip Sinkers.

The only way the band will make it big though is if we have Ximena in it too!


Loved seeing you rock out, Steve.

I'm a bit confused why the video players in a smaller area than the video dimension. This is quite small on the iPod.


steve Garfield

Hi Enric,

Regarding the smaller sized videos, when I drag the videos into Final Cut Pro, I usually resizse them to fit the full window. This time I didn't.

I was concerned about stretching both the widescreen image AND the square sized images and having them not fit the same way. Then I put the URL's underneath in the black area and that looked good, and one thing lead to another, so I left them like that.

Also, I was spending a lot of time figuring out how to place myself in the two videos and it gets to a point where you just have to export and post.

These little clip shows always take a long time to produce. I'm working on trying to steamline hte procedure. Maybe next time it'll go more quickly.

One thing that is still happening is that even though I record with QuickTime Pro, FCP doesn't recognize my files nad I have to transcode them with iSquint to bring htem in to FCP. That takes more time. If anyone can point me in the right direction to fix that, I'd appreciate it.


Thanks for the mention, Steve. And great use of splitscreen!


hilariouser and hilariouser!

i love the way you move Steve.
although i like the way Ximena moves much more.

yes, preference for bigger videos please!

steve Garfield

Thanks Chuck!

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