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i think i die every time i see your mom
because she is too darn cute.


steve, can you just give me a brief definition of podcasting? is is just another word for vlogging?




Podcasting involves the recording of internet radio or similar internet audio programs. These recordings are then made available for download to portable digital audio device. You can then listen to the podcast internet radio program while you are away from your computer or at a different time than the original program was broadcast. [ from wikipedia ]

A video podcast is just replacing audio with a video file.


Steve and Steve's mom; I love "two straws". It has a great blend of curiosity, practicality and a pleasant folksiness. The camera angles are good. What a great little package!

Steve, just fyi-my primary player is Windows Media[ver. 9.0] and the movie wouldn't play from the play button on the screen or the hyperlink. That is until after I started Quick Time [6.4].

Do you have any advice for newbies looking to vlog 1-3 minute movies?


Steve Garfield

Hi Rick,

Yeah. Over on that blog it is only in QuickTime format.

So you'd need Quicktime to play it.

Lots of good info on starting a videoblog is over at http://videoblogging.info

Check it out and ask me any questions you have are taking a look.

There's also instruction over there on how to join the Yahoo! videoblogging email list that has over 500 videobloggers ready to help.



just wanted to say that if you have an iriver h320 or h340 you can already watch video on it.

Duane Kuss

Ah yes, those simple two straw pleasures of life. I agree with everyone esle, your mother is adorable.

Keep of Vlogging!

I'll be back.


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iPad looks cool. But I already got my iPhone! I love my iPhone! Why would I trade it for an iPad? Iphone is laelsmr. It fits in the palm of my hands! iPad doesn't have a USB plug thingy where I can plug in my phone. iPad still looks cool.

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