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keylogger Mac

First came here, they are so good that you will often see, the article. Thank you for sharing!


I stayed up and since you dluocn't blog due to the absence of WiFi, I read the blow-by-blow account with photos on the macrumourslive.com site. Gosh it was exciting totally magical! Steve is a showman par excellence. You are sooooo lucky to have been in that audience and so close to where the action was.The iPhone looks absolutely dreamy and i am itching to own one. As always, Apple has outdone itself in terms of design and UI. I absolutely must have one. Nokia and Erickson step aside as for Blackberry and the gazillion Windows based phones, they are no match for this latest Apple creation. Jobs has indeed redefined telecommunication.I turned on BBC and CNN last night right after the keynote and the idiots at CNN said a phone that is also a music player the market is full of them? Idiots! They just don't get it! Apple has again changed the landscape with the launch of this phone.Look forward to the rest of your report.

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