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AW! that was SO cute! I like seeing all the olde packaging. Don't you know how to do any? maybe you could teach us one in a video.. My brother used to do magic at kids parties - I'll see if i can get him to do something on camera when i'm home this week.

jay dedman

you do these videos in a way i never could.
you own it.


Nice work Steve!

Courtney Williams

Steve! You are like the Jerry Seinfeld of Podcasting! ;-D

Too funny... I, too, enjoyed seeing those old soap boxes. What a hoot!


Steve the Magnificent!
very cool.

don't let Jay own your videos, cuz they're yours.


Your Dad would be proud of you!

Nike Shox Navina

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I like the Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer story, too! Also, I enjoy Frosty the Snowman. Ah yes, the Charlie Brown Christmas Special is a classic. Though, I had no idea there was a Star Wars Holiday Special! Thanks for sairhng

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