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yes he is very giid in guitar i luv u joey


errr chanel, pplz here use short form words on the internet or r u 2 thick to no that?? i think ur too thick




hey! i really like the movie school of rock. your so good at playing the guitar. my friends really like you. u rock!!!




hey wendy, nah he actually started playin wen he was 8....it was on his official wbesite =)


do any of you guys have a username on joey's official website?? cuz if you guys do then id really like to talk to you guys more. i heard that hes working on a new movie... do any of you guys know if its true or not?


hey iHEARTspazzy, u can b a member on it and hav username and stuff?? wow i didnt no that?? where is it??

hey summer,its on the joey gaydos jr website go to www.joeygaydosjr.net/forum and then u just register! so when u get a username let me know! oh and u can ask joey questions and he'll answer back!!!! hope u get a username! bye!
~jessica (thats my name)
oh and my username on the joey website is SYNIXgirl bye! ˇ


hey summer, sorry i didnt put my username. but yeah... just go on that website on you're good to go! well hope to hear from you soon!!!!! bye!
~ jessica


hey jessica!1 i signed up and my username is *guitarbabe-summer* ttyl gawjuz!!


man im sooooo bored!! some1 get on this website and tlka now!! lmao jk jk


hi, just want to congratulate you for inspiring me to play an electric guitar. There's also jack black my favorite actor came to do his thing. I'll try to buy some of your cds so listen to them. and really im addicted to school of rock im not that obsessed im really really obsessed. in the movie..... so i've got this cousin who lives san diego california and she just told me that she had seen jack black and he actually came into their house so I'm saying all the things to her when he came back next, jack actually is a friend of my aunt and got into thier house almost 6 times. I asked him to say hello to joey and kevin for me.. your realy handsome you know...


hey joey u were great in school of rock!
I liv in Nz. u hav a Awesome voice!!!
Pleaz reply!!!!


i love school of rock...a wath the movie 8... i love joey gaydos jr. and kevin clark..
bay...this is amanda from brazil...i have 11years


Check it out


it's for a good cause Happy Mothers Day


You know summer i think chanel is very hurt about you calling her thick. in fact i can't believe you would use such mean words.THICK? Is that the best comeback you could come up with. but hey i'm not taking chanels side because she is obviously a little kid that doesn't know how to use shortcuts. But Wendy i thought your comeback was pretty funny.


hey gaby, no actually thatz NOT the best comeback i can giv but i dont wanna b a bith so i just kept it to a more not so mean term


hi joey!
I want to tell you that you're a really good guitar player, i can't believe you're as old as me!!
we both were born on 1991. the difference is that I don't know how to play the guitar!
i want to be your friend. here's my mail: [email protected]


I forgot to tell you something, I'm from Peru. Good luck.

to that 1 chick gaby:
i'm not trying to be a bitch or anything but ur comment didnt make ANY FUCKEN SENSE!!!! you said that you think that chanel is "very hurt" that summer called her thick. but then you say "is that the best comeback you have (or some shit like that)" if you think that that isnt the best comeback then why do you think that chanel would be very hurt? i thought i doubt that she even got hurt! get ur shit straight! oh and did it EVER occur to you that there are people from all around the world that come onto this website and that they have different slang? so maybe like somewhere else its cool or something! geez! such a loser!


omg! i havent been on this website in a while!!!! so yeah...omg there's this guy that looks EXACTLY like joey that goes to my school!!!!!!he's so freakin hot!!!! well yeah joey's cd is sooooooo kick-ass!!!! i love the song "she never loved me" it's so cute!!!! and its true! she never loved him like i do! lol! im j/k! i know there are ALOT of other girls that are far more obsessed with him than i am! well yeah! i'm gonna try to get a pic of the joey look alike so i can put it on my website and then i'll let you guys know!!! oh! i forgot! hi summer! have you written anything to joey on his website? hope he answered back if you wrote him anything! well i wanted to ask you if you have aim so that we can talk and stuff! well hope to hear from you soon! oh yeah and gaby dont worry about that girl that wrote that mean stuff to you! she could have said it in a nicer way!!!!!!


hey iHEARTspazzy!! how r ya? yer ive put thingz on there...u havtn been on it for a while hav u?? well newaiiz, itz really awsum!! lol newaiiz, im sorry sweetie, i dont hav AIM but i hav msn.....u have a website?? awesome!! watz the URL, i think i'll check it out =D lol newaiiz, wuv u =) *mwaz*
<3 Summer Lee xox*
ps i thought that the gurl having a go at Gaby was funny =P im soo mean...lmao!!


hey there people!! lol yeah i didnt want to be mean either about the gaby thing but... that was freakin hilarious!!!! i mean she COULD have said it in a nice way but... i guess she didnt want to! but gaby shouldnt worry about it! lol!!!! i dont think she'll EVER come back on this website!! but yeah...summer i dont have msn! aww oh wellz!!!! well you can send me an e-mail if you want! i dont have a website but i have one of those my space thingys!!! well hope to talk to you soon!!!! bye bye!!!


i think i wrote that comment twice but oh wellz imma write it again! yeah... i noticed that the song "school of rock" kinda sounds like a beatles song called "you won't see me". you guys should check it out!!!! well ill check ya laterz people!!! bye bye!!!!!


omg iHEARTspazzy!!! i have myspace!! add me okiez?? mine is

itz sooo cool that so many people hav myspace =P


hey summer!!! ok i'll check out your my space!!! lol!!! my sucks ass cuz i havent done anything on it!!!! but once i get that pic of the joey look-alike, it'll be complete!!!! ttul!!!


hey there people!!! woo hoo!!! i got a picture of the joey look-alike!!!! well yeah... now i GOTTA develop those pictures!!!! well yeah... does ANYBODY know if joey is working on another cd or movie??? WE NEED TO SEE JOEY ON THE SCREEN AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!


jess [aka iHEARTspazzy!!!] watz your myspace thingy?


lol! summer i really dont know what my my space thingy is but i'll find out!!! lol i was looking at a kevin clark website and i saw ur name there!! damn dude ur everywhere!!! lol! i thought that the censoring thing was hilarious!!!! lol 1*beep*2 (or something like that) hahahaha!!!!!!


haha hey jess, im not everywhere, just ther and here and JoFo....and yer the censores are funny =P


Hey, does anyone know where I can get that chart that dewy wrote on the chalkboard?????


On Joey's official sight it said that FOX was working on a pilot show for him. Also, Joey's official sight is www.joeygaydosjr.net and his email, well the only one I've tried, is [email protected]
If you don't have Joey's autograph go to his official website and go to merchandise and go all the way down. The poster is HOT!!!



hey dude u rock keep it on.


Hey man Thats great!!! I was a 13 year old guitar wiz and I am not saying I would of made it but I got all messed up on drugs and alcohol and nothing has worked out real well for me-It got so bad I actually blamed the guitar and quit playing for 3 years!! Well I am back playing now, I am getting my life together and keeping my ego in check. I guess I just want to say be careful and know that only a few of us ever get to where you are. The best of luck to you and yours


I meant to ask who performs the song school of rock? It doesnt sound like Jack Black. Some info about the artist(s) would be cool. All I find on the net is people trying to sell me stuff. Yeah Yeah buy the album, I know. I dont know if anybody answers questions posted here but I guess I will try anyway.


um, mike, Jack IS the one singing it and it does sound like him.....

Soup Nazi

Hey Joey, what was it like working with Rebecca Brown(the bass player). She's so freaking beautiful that I don't follow the movie because I'm to busy staring at her every time she's on camera.

P.S. You must be a great guitarist to beat out Rebecca when she too is a very accomplished guitarist who's been playing since she was 4.


Joey u rock!!! I;ve just seen the movie ;school of rock' in my music class 2 days ago and me and my friend are thinking about learning how to play guitar and everything and hopefully we will !!! Bye !!!!!!!


joey u totaly rock.I love the 'school of rock' movie I 've just seen it in my music class 2 days ago.Now me and my friend want to learn how to play guitar and stuff !!!! Bye!!!


heyaaaa i live in england and is 16 and is trying to find the joey gaydos album on amazon and ebay its so hard i wanna download it on to mi mp3 player!! joey is so kool andi wanna meet him!! he was brill in schoolof rock and is "an insane guitarist" as jak puts it lol!! ROCK ON JOEY


Hey Joey,
I think your the best guitarist ever lived.
One day I hope to meet you. I play the acoustic guitar.I'm thinking about starting my own band. But, no good on it. You are my hero on rock n' roll. My name is Syd Taylor.
It would be so cool to do a movie with you.
I am a tomboy a hard rockin tomboy.


hey joey! sweet job on school of rock. u've got talent 4 being only 13. keep rockin the sox off ur guitar and don't stop actin. catch u on the big screen in another movie. good luck, l8r!


you are an AWSM gutaar player!!!!!Now ppl know why i watch school of rock every dai :D^_^


That movi is great and you did aaaawwwwssseeemmm on the solo


That movi is great and you did aaaawwwwssseeemmm on the solo

Jenny Squared

If we were younga, or u were olda, I'd go out wi u neday! ;D
Keep on rockin!!


hay did u reeli write dat song in da movie cuz it was cool expesily w/ da 2days assignment is kick sum *** email me plz i wanna no


Hi Joey....i'm from Italy and I play guitar too..you're the best forever and ever!!!!!!!

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