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OMG! juss want to say props to kevin cuz u damfine! and ya and were from the same town chi town! u repersenting 4 all of us out here in chicago , but now i live in romeoville! but owell! ur acuttaly hotter than my bf shhh dont tell him! thats all! any 1 to respond to dis e~mail me @ or im hottvballplaya18 or sexivolley101


wow! kevin is a freakin hottie! i saw him on the movie and was hopin he wasn't 10 in real life! but he's actually a year older than me! too bad he isn't comin to me hometown! he need to come to florida for sure! i play the drums too!well i got to say is kevin, ur hot as crap and u need to come to florida!

Stephanie Ubiera

I love you i hope that we could meet one day I
am 13 years old i love you and think you are so cute and hot. I would love to star in a movie with you and I really cant act but I watched the special features and you said you cant either.
My Idea is we can be girlfriend and boyfriend
and you are in a band and they can think of the other stuff.At least I got the idea dont forget who told you. I really love you and was hoping you were not really 10 i'm happy your not. I know Im may seem young for you but on July 25 i turn 14.I had a dream of becoming famous and i hope it can start with you.I love You and I m not just saying this to become famous but I dream every night about you and me in a movie together. please I would give you my number but who ever sees this might want to take it.Well bye loveya.


you r so hot!!!


sorry my site is actually

Ashley k

kevin is totally hot


Kevin Alexander Clark!!! I wish I could meet him in real life. I know that I only pretty much know a little of his style but I need to know him better to love him. I guess I just said that because he's soo... hott*. I anyone knows exactly please send me how he is at riderchic2msn.com. Thank You!!!

Avril's #1 Fan

Kevin may be hot but he's minee so be quiet ya'll

¤Danielle¤ aka. BABS

Hey... i dunno if this is realli gunna get to Kevin Clark or w/e since nuthin these dayz are realli safe and wat not. But yeah..I juss watched the movie, and yeah those kids are realli talented. I admir the drummin most ov all tho, do a bit of it myself. Gotta semi band kinda thing happenin still in the garage faze but, hopefully be more sum day. Im only 14 years old. i gotta while to go i guess. So mhm.. juss wanted tah say awesome job, the movie was RAD. hopefulli see more of Kevin Clark in more movies real so0n.. till then... >> ¤DaNiElLe¤
P.S. yew got the looks.(wink wink)have fun!

Amanda ^-^

I LOVE KEVIN CLARK!!! He's so cute!!! I REALLY want to meet him someday! He's the most handsome drummer I've ever seen! I love him more than I love my ex-crush which I really liked but who cares about him if I like Kevin? Go Kevin! Go Kevin! Go Kevin! Hope your gonna be in L.A. during May coz I'm going there! Hope you can be in the sequel of School of Rock if they'd make any or any movie at all. Hope you see this comment and GOOD LUCK with your acting career and your band!!! ^-^


P.S. I watch 'School of Rock' everyday. And hope you won't get any girlfriends yet and give me a chance at least. Oh yeah I'm starting my own acting career here too in the Philippines and soon I'm gonna be in Hollywood like you(I hope...)! And hope you go to the Philippines 4 a vacation and if you ever get 2 read this message tell Joey Gaydos that my friend, Mics REALLY likes him(she told me she'd die for him).



I Know that this isnt the right post to talk about this, but I havent found any contact form or email link to contact you, so..

I have seen the movie trailer and Im dying to know the title of a song played, Im mean, the one after forming the band. When Jack starts asking the kids what are their likes an they answer Christina Aguilera, Puff Daddy... Ive seen this trailer


Im dying to know what song it is..


Hay Kevin !!! Sup'? I just wanted to say what a big fan I am of you and how cute, smart, friendly and amazing you are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm trying to become an actor myself and was hopeing you would put in a good word for me with an agent . I really hope to meet you some dday and maybe we could jam on my gutair and your drum set. Even If I am only 12 but I'm almost 13 on October 28. Well see ya!! Hope you'll answer my letter and we could hang some time.


Kevin, you're an awesome drummer man. I wish I had the talent like yours. Rock music and punk are like my fav types of music to listen to! I also want to say that your such an adorable person, even though I'm like 16.


I also Have to say, I love your punkish style!


I just want to also say that Joey Gaydos Jr. Is an awesome guitarist. I mean he was jammin.


I find this whole website for this "one-hit-wonder" of an actor to be going a little far so soon. Hah. Don't get me wrong, I admire him for his acting skills, but I admire anyone who can do something I can't, but come on, now. How many tweens have been in a movie and it turned out to be their last? If I ever hear of this child star again, I promise to be utterly shocked.



kevin clark definitely beat any movie star i thought was really hot...haha kevin ur awesum i wish i could play the drums like u...you were wickedddd good... well i*m all the way over hear in massachusetts like across the country from you but if ur ever in MA gimme a call hahah
...<3 amanda

p.s.ur definitely the hottest guy i*ve seen in my lifeee


Kevin you are sssooo daym HOTT!!! I'm learning how to play the drums thanks to you :) I'm having a lot of fun! But I'll never be as good as you ;)
Please email me, i want to keep in touch with you.



Jess, I completely agree with you. While I really enjoyed the character Freddy and admire Kevin's skills, I'm not really counting on him in being in anything else. It's happened so many times in the past. A child prodigy comes and blows everyone away with one movie, and is never seen again. I'm not going to get my hopes up, but fingers crossed, ya know?


kevin u r great at the drums! im not sayin that just cuz ur cute though.im only 11 but i still think u r way cool.i live in AL. thats a long way from CAL.i tried to steal ur pic out of my friends locker the other day! WELL,BYE

p.s.ur totally HOT


OMG KEVIN CLARK IS AWESOME! (my friend is in luv with u sooooo much and i was hopin u could do sum stuff for me... She has a family friend in the movie business and i was hopin u could meet with her and hopefully then meet my friend. She has tons of pix of u and she thinks ur the best thing since,.... ever! plzplz just email me back and stuff and i hope u will consider this, even tho u have probably tons of girls sayin this kind of stuff but it would mean soo much to me, and my friend if u could email me back or sumthin...... well.... hopefully talk to u soon...(which i most likely wont!) lol


Kevin you are HOTHOTHOTHOTHOT. anyway sorry just had to do that. Im going to acting classes and auditions and all that junk. i had this crazy notion we could be in a movie together sometime. LOL like that would happen. anyway, we should get together sometime. LoL


hey u are ALL crazy. not that i dont think clark is cute or nuttin cause well dont we all but hey... ur all trippin over sum guy u neva even met, and just think. theres prolly a just as cool guy waitin nextdoor that u actually KNOW that actually KNOWS YOU. as for kevin, i just wanna say sry 4 all the dinks that think they kno u. cause 4 all we kno u could be a... i dunno sum shallow creep from the bloods or sumthin... well ttyl-kayla


Hey Kevin!
School of Rock was Awesome! You did a really good Job! You are Awesome at the drums and talented.It must of been really coll wrokin with other kids. Where can we find more about the back you are in "blind" Also you are REALLY hot! Keep us updated


Hey Kevin!
School of Rock was Awesome! You did a really good Job! You are Awesome at the drums and talented.It must of been really coll wrokin with other kids. Where can we find more about the back you are in "blind" Also you are REALLY hot! Keep us updated


Hey Kevin!
School of Rock was Awesome! You did a really good Job! You are Awesome at the drums and talented.It must of been really coll wrokin with other kids. Where can we find more about the back you are in "blind" Also you are REALLY hot! Keep us updated


hey ya'll.
i don't care how much you like kevin because i like him more. i got pics of him all over my room, and my desk top has him all over it. my binder is filled with his name. ken=vin, if you ever go to ohio, stop by dayton, 'cause thats where i live. if any of you know me, don't tell my bf i said this or he'll be POed.
love(2 kevin)


YO GUYS I LOVE KEVIN SOOOOOO much (BUT EVERYONE DOES) IF UR A freak like me email me at [email protected]


Hey Kevin!!!!! If you are reading this... EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE :):):):):):)! YOU ROCK!! Like in the schoool of rock.
Head down to florida for a whaile. TONS OF FANS just wanting to see you. You are really hot, watched SOR three times with the aydio commentaries just to hear you and the cast talk. MAJOR talent onscreen. I'm 5'5" brown hair and eyes and am a model for the Marsha Doll Agencies.


Just adding, I'm twelve. But what the hey, whats age????? <3<3<3<3<3<3<3



kevin is like so frickin hot! i dont wanna sound like everyone else who says omg i love you kevin! no offense but i think he is not only hot but an awesome drummer, and i heard some songs he and his friend made and they are really good!
kevin if u ever read this i just want to say you rock man! and u seem like a really cool person to meet! keep cool!


hey by the way kevin if u do actually read these here is my email [email protected]
dont be a stranger! u still rock!
shelby :o)

danielle and feliz

kevin is f**kin hott and he is reely reely hot and a reely reely a hot skateboarder like us!! YAY!! i love kevin bye buh bye






whenever i go to kevin's official site, why does it say "You are Forbidden to View this Page??


hey sabrina

mine does that too but i went on there before and it let me but like the third time it said that! i hate that! the website is awesome tho!


Kevin, u r so totally hot! me and my friend r like well u no. i no i don't no u . i wish i did. come up 2 wisconsin sometime

Sarah S

kevin kevin KEVIN!!! i luv u soooooooooooo so so so much!!! i loved sor so much i bought da dvd right when i could so i could watch it ova n ova again 2 c u!! u r so freakin HOT!! omg u have NO idea how much i luv u! u might think im like an obsessed freak but its really not like that. @ first when i saw da movie i thought u were like really really hot,but then i watched tha extra things on da dvd and we have like everything in common!!! ur middle name is Alexander and mine is Alexandra, u like skateboarding (i saw u w/a skateboard in da music video thing.) i LOVE skateboarding i can tell u like 2 eat, so do i!! just i never gain n/e weight which rocks!! u also play the drums. omg thats like the best thing out of all!! i so luv drummers and i play myself only for 4 years tho so im no where near as awesome as u! every time like one of my friends asks me 2 listen 2 a song and asks me how i liked it all i will say is "ya the drums rocked"! lol. thier like "what about the rest" i dont really even pay attention 2 da rest!! so ya i luv skateboarding drumming and eating but no as much as I LOVE U!!!! hopefully u will read this and please email me back!! i would appreciate it SO much u dont even know!!! may b we can stay in touch im sure we will have alot 2 talk about!! im in freshman year in H.S 2 so we can compare how different our schools r!!! i live around ur buddy Joey Gaydos in MI so may b we could meet some day in da future if we get 2 no eachother betta!! Please write back!!!shoutout 2 Joey... u ROCK!! i love u kevin!!! G2g plz w/b!! :)


I would just like to tell you that you are the hootest 15 year old I have ever seen. I live in ohio and I saw the movie for the first time just yesterday. The only person I could pay attention was you. You remind me soo much of Tom Felton, Draco in Harry Potter. He is about a year older and just as hot. You are killer at the drums. I would play the drums, but theres too many. I would like to know about any other movies you will be in. Thanks.
IM: BillyBob4503 OMG


I love you i hope that we could meet one day I
am 13 years old i love you and think you are so cute and hot. I would love to star in a movie with you and I really can act.


first, i wanna say that i'm so stupit cuz i thought kevin was 10!! now, i know he's 14... but i again will say that he's soooooo cute and i'm rally really sad because i live in turkey :-( and unfortunatelly i can't open his official web site from turkey!!!! plz if anyone knows his e-mail adress, send it to [email protected] i really feel like stupid because i send sth again and again to this site, but i hope that i can get kevin's e-mail adress. i love him he's soo lovely... by the way he's the best 14 aged actor in the world :))) ican't find anything else to write, so see your e-mails soon... :-))))


hey whats up? Kevin, what kind of music does your band play!
see ya later


Hey Kevin!
Omg I think you are so hot! You are the first actor I've ever really thought that about! Your awesome on the drums! I hope that one day I could meet ya! Hope to get an e-mail from you really really soon!


I love you!!!!!!!!! You are so fine!! I saw you in school of Rock and was like, hmmmm funny and cute. good combo. I used to play drums to but ya know bad teachers lead to bad playing. I saw your article in Girls Life and almost screamed my head off. i loved the movie. Rock on!! Punk never dies!!!
I love you!!!!!!


Hi Kevin!! I saw you in School of Rock, and you practically made the movie!! I still can't believe you actually played all your own music in the movie; it ROCKS!! I wish I could play like that! You are sooooo Fine!!, and I know you'll do good in the future!! Rock on!! :D


omg i love kevin he is the hottest guy on earth man i cant belive it ya the movie was good but he made it so much better!! i just cant get enough of kevin!! i want his screan name or e- mail or something man


i wish i could meet you.From:Sarah P.S. You ROCK at drums


Heyy i saw that movie and i was like woooo!!

it was such a great HITTT!! I hope you will see what im writing!! then i saw u playin the drums
and i was so amazed! How ol d r u??
im on the jr.high side by the way!
hope you come to pennsylvania suummm dayyy!!

Also where did u make the movie at?[canada??]
and what state do u live in?
i hope you e-mail me bac plzz!!
I dreamm of you coming to my school and being in my class LoL ..BUT PLZZ WRITE BACK AND ANSWER THIS and say hello to joey gaydes for would you
cya bye byezz

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