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Rock Camp is an edgy music "rockumentary" series that premiers on April 5th, 2004 and is broadcast 4:30 to 5 p.m. every Monday and Tuesday for seven weeks (14 episodes).
Based on a real summer camp program called "Summer Rock" run by the Canadian Conservatory of Music in Halifax, Nova Scotia for the last 18 years, "Rock Camp" will concentrate on the nitty-gritty of making it as a rock band.
In April 2003, Collideascope launched their national quest for young guitarists, bass players, keyboard players, drummers, singers, and songwriters. From hundreds of applications, 18 young Canadian rock musicians between the ages of 14-18 were selected to spend three weeks at "Rock Camp" in August, 2003. Once the teens arrived in Halifax, they were put into four bands, assigned a "coach", and worked long hours every day on lessons, writing, and jamming...basically doing what they LOVE. Rock Camp promises to be something that has never been seen before, and highly entertaining. To find out more about "Rock Camp" check out their web-site: rockcamp.collideascope.ca


wow this is like the only place that doesnt have: I LOVE KEVIN! all over it....~roles eyes~


Can you plz get me Kevin's e-mail address


lol, ur right hellfire, but wats wrong with loving kevin? lol. but ur right, those ppl r CRAZY! control ur love ppl, i am! lol


You know its weird cuz, Kevin plays a 10 year old a the age of 13! Anywayz...I know everyone hears this a lot when you post comments but kevin, seems REALLY cool and i really wish i can meet him on day... im listening to the kids commentary on the school of rock dvd and he is SO funny....KEVIN IF U R READING (which u proabaly are not)...u rock!

omg kevin is the hottiest guy i've ever seen he is so sweet and the face is just woooooo. we are the same age to it sux that he dosent like to have a girlfriend.


i love kevin so much my room is filled with only kevin pics and my room is really big. i have his name writen everywere i go Just kidding im not that opssed i just think he is so hot and i love him. He would be the sweetest boyfriend to


i love kevin so much my room is filled with only kevin pics and my room is really big. i have his name writen everywere i go Just kidding im not that opssed i just think he is so hot and i love him. He would be the sweetest boyfriend to


Rock and Roll Camp *drool* that would be sooooooooooooooooooooooo cool! o well to late now *sigh* o well LED ZEPPELIN ROCKS AND SO DOES SCHOOL OF ROCK! YEAH! and guitar does too!

kevin lover

kevin is damn hot. he is so cute. that is the only reason I watch sor all the time, to see that damn hot cutie cant wait till hes in anouther movie and you know damn well ill be seein it!

 marrisa j i luv kevin more than u do

watch how many times I can swear fuck fricken shit hell damn damn damn whats with all the swearing anyway?

kevin lover

look you bitch (marissa j whatever the hell your name is shut the hell up

marrisa j

no you cant make me


Kevin is damn HOT!!! LOVE U

kevin is a fricken hottie!

you are damn hot!


Where can I find some School of Rock
fan site that doesn't have any
"Kevin is so hot" posts???
Control ur desire,ppl!!!

sam tony

this movie iz the best!!! im going 2 get the video soon! I just want 2 thank jack black 4 making the best movie ever.!!!! I talk about it all day in school! I have a guitar and i want to learn!!! teach meeeee!!! Your biggest fan. thanks!

NeD ScHnEeBly

WUUUUUUUUUOoooooooooooWWWW my ass kickin dud He's rocks like stage divin' solo playing guitar he rocks and I like that he said "Dewey Finn: I pledge allegiance... to the band... of Mr. Schneebly... and will not fight him... for creative control... and will defer to him on all issues related to the musical direction of the band."


Does anyone actually have kevins e-mail adress??????


Wow you guys are pretty pathetic, talking about how much you love someone you have never actually spent time with.

People shut up about Kevin you've never met him and will probably never get to meet him
I also don't think Kevin likes having everyone in the world obsessing over him.
You peop's really have to get over Kevin and on with your lives


Kevin Clark is sooooooo buff! u totally rock! i need his email adress!


hey kevin i am friends with hannah and she really likes you but i think you r ok (buff) me and hannah r really buff dont belive me ask all the boy that asked us out have a nice day WE R YOUR NUMBER ONE FANS we love you bi xxxxxxxxxxxx


Hi I just wanted to know if Kevin has a girlfriend.



Hi jack black my friend loves you


hey everybody jey and kevin are like the best guitarest and drum player's in the world!!
I realy hope you guys read thiss well keep rockin like you already do!!!


joey and kevin rock


hey every1!!joey is an absolute INSANE guitarist and kevin is an AWSUM drummer!!! u guyz totally rok! man i wish i cood meet u guyz 1 day!! it wood b awsum 2 jam wif u both!! and cayleight, last tym i checked i dun fink he has a gf....im a total fan of both of them and joey ur guitar skill r lyk tooo awsum and kevin ur rummin skill juz rok!!
luv ya


and kev i hav to admit dat i really lyk u and not only dat ur cwt but ur personality 2 and stuff *i no dat sounds sooooo weird coz i hav neva met u but really its tru*.....dis is really weird and i no man of u wont believe me but i go 4 looks and personality which is really har 2 find and 2 hav u as a bf is lyk soooo impossile tho so newaiiz, i ddint wana frak u out or nefin just thort ud lyk to no...luv ya

jeckarina =p

im nt rily obsesd w/ kevin clark,bt hez rily talented n hez olryt lukin,bt jz so u noe (ol u crazy ppl), he does av a gurlfren n y d hel wudnt he lyk avin a gurlfren kat?


hey jeckarina, do u hav msn?? and duz he really hav a gf and if he did how wood u no????


and if u say ur not obssesed wif him den y did u make a website of him??? and u cum here and call us crazy 4 lykin hima dn u do da same thing, hunnii stop bein a hypocrite!!!


Hi! I really like School of Rock, it´s one of the best movies ever!!! And, even if you don´t think so, Anna, I don´t care about if I ever get to meet him. I´m just saying Kevin Clark rocks! (I won´t say "I love u" ´cause i don´t know him, but...)

cayleigh xox

okay....one question...who are you guys even TALKING about...and i was just randomly looking at this site, and i probly dont know who this person is b/c ive never seen this movie, but ummm...yea can someone email me and tell me WHO you people are obsessing overr..thanx love cayleigh xox
btw look at my site! :) just type my name in when you get on it :)


hey cayleigh....yer well theres dis guyz call Kevin and Joey and theyre freom a movie call school of rok and kevin is hot and joey is cute and THATZ who they r obessin over...but itz not that bad to obssess =P

Excuse me other people exist other than Kevin Clark

Kevin clark is stupid he is a spaz thats ded ugly utha ppl exist appart from him uno y the hell wud he wnt 2 talk2 ny of u saddos nyway ur all so up ur own arses so frig off !


Does anyone know what band won this contest? And when did the video air?

Another Man's Trash Street Team

The band Another Man's Trash won the contest. The video has not yet aired. Check out AMTRASH.COM for more information.


http://messexxx.info x

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