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tHa DruMMa(keVin ClarK) uR mY aDmiReR i PlaY drUmZ iN a BaNd 2 aNd We hAv giGz
uM Luv Ya KevIn ur So cuTe


hey kevin, you are such a good drum player and actor and you definetly caught my eye!:) i've seen a pic of you when you were about 6 or 7 and you were just the cutest thing! now look at ya!
i wanna get to know you as a friend cause you are sooooo dang cute! plus i'm your age. well i hope you actually get this Kevin cause sometimes its other peeps that read it, and not you. and sometimes you don't even know about these comments we fans write. and if ya do..... sorry!:D:D:D:D please contact me! i swear i would never tell your e-mail address cause i always keep promises when it comes to privacy. by the way i'm writing to ya on this thing cause i can't find any other way to contact ya yet! :)


Hey Kevin u are soooo cute.... hey i would like to get to know u.... please i really want to meet u....i really want to talk to ya and be your friend.... send me an e-mail at [email protected] and if u have aol my sn is flirt8392 talk to me i wont tell anyone your sn for any of them.. please keep in touch with me...



WHAT IS IT WITH YOU PPL AND YOUR "KEVIN"? this place is creepy, i thought it was about the movie, not drumerluver.com....i have one thing to say to u girls out ther: GET A LIFE!

Damon Diehr

OOOMMMGGG! You are a insane drummer! You totally inspired me to play any intrument I can grab including drums ;D thank you, you perfect piece of art SRY But you are FINNNNNNNEEEEEEE!!! :D

Rock on,
Desiree Damon


hey kevin,
my name is hannah and i wanted 2 say that u r a great drummer. I also watched the kids commentary and i have 2 say, u r also really funny!!! If u do read this, my e-mail adress is [email protected] and i would luv it if u e-mailed me!I understand if u don't because i respect your privacy and i know how easy it is 4 rumors 2 spread. I really wouldn't tell ppl your email but i know there is no way i can prove that u can trust me.


OMG UR SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!! EMAIL ME !!!!!!!!!!!!


OMG UR SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!! EMAIL ME !!!!!!!!!!!!


OMG UR SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!! EMAIL ME !!!!!!!!!!!!


Hey kevin,u do got alot of fans i didnt know all the kids knew that much about rock well,ne wayz the movie was rockin! e-mail me!


Can you plz get me Kevin's e-mail address




hey, i have read all of these comments to you and think that when someone says that your
e-mail adress is privet so why would people ask for it. i think that over all the guys i think are hot your on the top of my list and your really good at the dums. my friend plays the drum and hes been playin since he was like 5 and i still think that your better at it.and i do think that its ture that your the hottiest guy ever. lol!!!:) well gotta fly bye.
~*love ya adriana*~
(aunnnie thats what my friends call me)

Rexy Cuenca

is this are you ready to rock thing only for Kevin Alexander Clark? or for the whole band including Miranda?

Rexy Cuenca

Kevin,u know how it sais we can't get your email address how do we talk to you? and also it sais that you can't talk to us I think? well tell me the answer somehow.


i cant believe you played like 10 year-old. but ur so hot


hi Kevin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u r reeealy cute, just thought u shoould know! i am only a little younger thatn u! pleaze pleaze Im me or mail me!

thanx much



hey i love kevin he is so hott and cool!!!!!!!!!!!! if you like so 2 aim on Spazzy Mcgee1988 or email me at [email protected] hope to talk to some of you people soon
~*~ aka Spazzy Mcgee lover~*~

Natalia Castaneda

Rebeca, you have inspierd me to play the bass guitar. my friends want to start a band since ever, and now they have some one to play the bass guitar thank u see u later


OMG!!!!!!! Kevin is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo HOTT!! I love u sooooooo much Kevin!!!!!! e-mail me because me and my friends are totally obsessing over you!!!!!!!!
Love ya!!!!



OMG! I love u Kevin!! E-mail me at [email protected] please!!!!!!!! I love u sooooooo much!!!!!!! u are sooooooooooo HOTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love ya lots,


Omg i just say this movie and i loved it so much i watched it like 6 times. Kevin you are so FINE. Ha ha ha any way plaese e-mail me at [email protected]
See ya,
Jill and Destiny
" soon to be singers"


Hey wat's up. I know like every girl writes this but Kevin...you are really cute! I'm a drummer myself and i have a question, where did you learn how to play like that?


I know what ur sayin' Kati.These girls are overly
obsessed!! My goodness...lol


when the tenacious d comes to poland and play some songs?


heyy joey. ur so awsom @ guiitarr!!! omg!!! ur wat inspired me to play. i hav a stratocaster by fender, i'm just wondering if you have any tips for me? i love hoew u rock out on screen. e-mail me k? my address is [email protected]

sophiy ;)


ur not half bad lookin too


Rebecca Brown you are very cute in the movie.

Please email me at [email protected]


Hey joey and Kevin. Hey I just wanted to say that you all are great guitar player and Drummer. I want to go to DayJams but it is so far away and my parents thiink it is a waste of time. I would love to. Please e-mail me if you have time. I know you hear that alot.

[email protected]

Love ya,


OMG!!! i love kevin alexander clark!! hes so so so hott..kevin if u read dis i want it really really clear that i LOVE u so much! email me at
[email protected] omg ur so so so hott i love you!! ur so cute and hott and adorable and totally mine!!!
i love you!! xoxo
<3 brianna <3

Rexy Cuenca

hey Kevin wazzzzzup well its me man i wanna be a drummer too so ima get lessons in da states itz gonnabecool also maybe guitar lessons.Guess whut i know how to play twinkle twinkle little star on the guitar cuz my friend taught me ummm did i say dat already o mygosh i hate school ima gonna be in 6th grade in 3 monts wich really suckz

Rexy Cuenca

is ebery gurl craxy bout u?


I love Kevin Clark Sooooo much...
Ladies- I have to say Kevin Has a girlfriend... - Her name is Ashley( SLUT!!!) and you do realize that kevin will NEVER read this stuff!? your insane... Idiots...

Love me- Kim**


dis is 4 kimberly-

"I love Kevin Clark Sooooo much...
Ladies- I have to say that Kevin has a girlfriend... -her name is Ashley(SLUT!!!) and you do realize that Kevin will NEVER read this stuff!? your insane... idiots..."

I SO 2nd dat! Even if kevin had al da time in da world, he woodn't spend it reedin thes! God get ova urselfs!!!!

~*~ Jess


WOW you guys are kind of obsessed. You're rite ... he's a QT but I think he kno's! :P Well I just wanted to say hey, and anyone who wants to e-mail me can if they wanna.
[email protected]
and my sn for aol is ischickybop so gimme a holla!
keep up the good work, kev! ;)


kevin u r soooooooo fit! i luv u soooooooooooo much!
i no u get loadza fan mail and i am just one of them but plz plz plz plz can u email me at [email protected]! thnx soooo much!
love u LOTS!
love bethxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


hey kevin
ever since i saw the school of rock u were my favorite i know i dont know u but i do love u honestly. please reply. i love u so much. u r so nice and talented and really hot. and also u hav brown/hazel eyes like me !!!! and honestly we have alot in common i love u. please try to read this and reply to me. love ur biggest fan holly xoxo


hiya kevin! you are soooooooooooooooooooooooooo fit! you are soooo good at the drums just like me!!! we have a lot in common lol! please email me back loadsalove yaz xxxxx


hey kevin my name is amy i wanted to say hi,and also wanted to know if you play any sports, i play select soccer,please e-mail me at [email protected] would really like to get to know you.i gtg bye!


Hey Kevin,
I really like your music, you really ROCK!!!Just wanted to say i saw your movie and well, good work, if you want to you can become an actor. Oh, great sence o humor by the way. I heard you skateboard, i do too! I can imagine the preasure it must be for you, i mean being in a band and all. I have one too but i play the guitar. I've also played the piano ad violin. Well, just wanted to say good luck to you and you band Blind. Got to Go!!! Keep up the radical work!


I LOVE U KEVIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! loadsa love grace xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


hiya kevin!
i love you so much and you no it but you still cant be botherd to email me!
love stacey!

Hi Joey hi Kevin just wanted 2 ask kevin will u give me drum lessons ur the best please email me at [email protected]
bye rock on


i eat boogers all the time and pick my butt then lick my fingers. do u do the same thing! i want to to hav c=sex with u then u can lick my fingers


omg i so like u will u get in bed with me
and i eat boogers a lot and i pick my butt


iloye u

hiya kevin!
u r soooooooo fit i no u get loads of emails saying that but pleas pleas email me back at [email protected]
loadsa luv yaz xxxxx


hi everyone
does anyone here from britain teach drums i really wanna learn rock on!!!!


Kevin Clark, girlz only like you because they think ur hot. i think u r cute, but it doesn't matter. it matterz wut on the inside, write? well, i know u will not read this, but please please email [email protected]


dear kevin,

my name is meredith brandon. Well i have to say i am not one of those girls that say crazy things..noafence. Lol, We have alot incommon we like smiles. I love it when i see smiles on peoples faces. My dream guy needs a sence of humor and a smile of his face. I love rock and i am getting drums for my birthday. No not because you have them lol, Because I love music (rock music) and i really want to learn that kind of material. I will be 15 in a couple of months. I think your taste in music is really awesome! lol, We also both have dreams. Mine is to meet you oneday (i know you busy and it probably won't happen.) and you want to meet your favorite band. Well i am not sure that you will. But if my dream doesn't come , i sure hope yours does. thanks for letting me talk

Your friend
Meredith (If you want to talk sometime email me if you want [email protected])

p.s. Sorry about spelling (lol)

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