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Yeah, there are some amazing vistas up there!


interesting site - I'd like to know if you exhibit photographs in other contexts, of whether you are involved in any kind of art collective?
Its interesting to see how bloggers use their work sometimes.


... while I think of it, what's the deal with the book? what's it about? is it good? is there any connection to the original meaning of geek?

Steve Garfield

The book is good. It's by Wil Wheaton, and if you've read any of his blog, you'll enjoy this book. He's a great writer and sets an example of how someone who writes a weblog can craft their writing to be good enough to write a whole book.

The cool thing is that a lot of the book is made up of web postings so he didn't even have to write the whole book since he already had a lot of it written.

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