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Great work Anna. Everything seems to be falnilg into place.The release party pictures are fun. So nice to see that Doug Benson shaved and dressed for the occasion.Why do I bother? No more!


he problem is none of the peolpe on the patent actually invented what is claimed. I did. When everyone thought this was impossible, I explained in detail to Barton, the CTO, how to do it. He actually got energized enough to start coming to work and created a team to implement it. And apparently took credit for the invention. Lovely.


from a guy who cut off his cable last March and never intends to scrsubibe again).How about adding a function where I can watch TV shows/movies with another TiVo user at the same time with a headset like I'll soon be able to do on the 360? Virtual TV watching. Not sure how to make money off it, but I like the idea. One side or the other controls the remote and you watch together. I guess you'd need the TiVo-Onlive box first to have a headset. Which reminds me. I don't ever remember seeing a headset with any of the OnLive coverage last May. Humm? How you gonna blast your friends through OnLive without a headset for trash talking.Good, thought provoking post Davis!


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